Week of October 13 CFCE Activities

The Central Berkshire Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care

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You can reach me at 413-655-0146 X5109 or email @ wprovencher@cbrsd.org

Look for me on Facebook – Wendy Provencher (Look for the Brain Building Sign)

  1. I make up bags with the activities for the week, you can pick them up at the Dalton Public Library on Monday’s after 2:00. If you choose to only attend 1 or 2 of the programs during that week, it is fine. You will receive the supplies for all groups. You can find the instructions for the activities here and in your bags. I am encouraging you to do the activities at your convenience with your child/children.
  2. If I know who is attending and the ages of your children, I can tailor the group a little bit better.
  3. If your child has had enough on Zoom, I understand and my feelings will not be hurt if you feel like you need to leave the group.
  4. Please remember to mute yourself if your child is crying or upset or is just babbling. It is really hard for everyone to hear me talking or reading with all of the background noise. If we are doing an open activity you do not have to be muted.

No group on Tuesday due to the Monday holiday

Wednesday: Circle time with Miss Wendy

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Calendar, weather, alphabet, days of the week, counting

Days of the Week (tune of the Adam’s Family):
Days of the week(clap clap)
Days of the week
Days of the week
Days of the week (Clap Clap)
There’s Sunday and there’s Monday
there’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday
There’s Thursday and there’s Friday
And then comes Saturday!

Spotty Puppy game

5 brave firefighters fingerplay


Good bye song

STEAM Friday 3:00-4:00

Fire Safety

Making a DIY Fire Extinguisher

I made a set of DIY fire extinguishers by covering empty spray bottles with red and black tape then adding a simple paper label to each one so they each resembled a real looking fire extinguisher then we filled them all with water. The children enjoyed spraying the extinguishers outside.

Practicing Fire Safety Outdoors

The children went outside and painted fire on our trees with red and yellow tempera paint.

For the activity I made paper flames out of card stock paper. Fill plastic clear cups up to 1/3 of the way with baking soda and added vinegar to his play fire extinguisher. 

Use the fire extinguisher to put the fires out! Spray the flames with the extinguisher. Fill a cup with vinegar and you will get to see some smoke! Pouring over and over vinegar in the cups to see an eruption of “smoke.”

activities Pinterest board has some great ideas. check this one out: http://pinterest.com/pin/147492956520015846/

Fire breathing dragon:

The more oxygen, the more flame! What happens when we blow in the tube? If we aren’t blowing in the tube the dragons flames don’t move. A fire needs Oxygen. What happens if we take the oxygen away?

  1. Wrap a toilet paper roll with green construction paper (glue or tape).
  2. Cut strips of orange, red, yellow tissue paper. You can do this for your child if they aren’t old enough to do this on their own.
  3. Glue or tape these to the inside of the toilet paper roll.
  4. Glue on pompoms and googly eyes.

When it’s done, the kids can then blow like a dragon, making fire. SO cute!

Fire Breathing Dragon Craft | How to Make a Simple Dragon
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