Week of September 28th CFCE Activities

The Central Berkshire Coordinated Family and Community Engagement Grant is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care

You can reach me at 413-655-0146 X5109 or email @ wprovencher@cbrsd.org

Look for me on Facebook – Wendy Provencher (Look for the Brain Building Sign)

  1. I make up bags with the activities for the week, you can pick them up at the Dalton Public Library on Monday’s after 2:00. If you choose to only attend 1 or 2 of the programs during that week, it is fine. You will receive the supplies for all groups. You can find the instructions for the activities here and in your bags. I am encouraging you to do the activities at your convenience with your child/children.
  2. If I know who is attending and the ages of your children, I can tailor the group a little bit better.
  3. If your child has had enough on Zoom, I understand and my feelings will not be hurt if you feel like you need to leave the group.
  4. Please remember to mute yourself if your child is crying or upset or is just babbling. It is really hard for everyone to hear me talking or reading with all of the background noise. If we are doing an open activity you do not have to be muted.

Tuesday September 29th in-person STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (no virtual steam this week) 10:30-11:30

Fall Tinker Tray

Lay out some small parts and let their imaginations run wild.  Today we will play with a fall tinker tray full of pumpkins, leaves and the colors of fall.  

Why Create a Fall Tinker Tray?

There’s something truly magical about tinkering.  When I laid out the tray, there are no rules. Do what you want.”  

  • Items in your Fall Tinker Tray
  • Bamboo skewers – Skewers are awesome because of their skewing capabilities, but if you’re putting this out for really little kids, I’d skip them. Little kids will probably skew themselves, not the pumpkins.
  • Ribbon
  • Clothespins 
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Tape

Adding play dough to our tinker trays makes a great connector.  Flexible and sturdy, it can help connect even the trickiest things like pine cones.  Plus, add a little spice to the play dough to bring other senses into the creative process.

Design Tools: They’re just like they sound… Pen & paper, scissors, ruler or measuring tape.

Things to Connect with the Fall Tinker Tray

  • Acorn picks – I love real acorns in this too, but the picks are fun because they have wire attached to them.
  • Mini pumpkins and gourds – I used artificial ones because they are lighter, but real ones work too.
  • Pine cones
  • Fall leaves real ones are great
  • Straws
  • Sticks

Connectors for the Fall Tinker Tray

Next you need something to connect stuff with.  Anything sticky or twisty or clippy works.

Materials Needed for the Pumpkin Counting Grid Games

Paper | Laminator | Laminating Pouches | Differentiated Instruction Cube

To Prepare the Pumpkin Counting Grid Games:  To use the printable cube, simply cut on the outside line and fold on the inner lines to form a cube. Tape the edges to hold the cube together.

Please note- there are two sets of cube inserts and cubes included. One has the numbers 1-3 twice and the other has the numbers 1-6. I recommend using the 1-3 cube with the counting to 10 game as it will make the game last longer. For the counting to 20 grid, you could use either cube.

How To Use the Pumpkin Counting Grid Games: Roll the cube and place that number of pumpkins on the spaces of the grid. Let your child decide where to place them. There is no right or wrong way to use the grid.

You can use the dice alone and counting the pumpkins and also using the ten-frame by itself to practice counting all the way to 10.

Right now we are working on reinforcing one-to-one correspondence, it is helpful if your child touches each pumpkin in the ten-frame and on the dice as she counts them. Otherwise they can get a little ahead of themselves.

You can make patterns with the pumpkins as your child places them on the mat, for some extra fun.

Ways you can use the Pumpkin Counting Grid Games:

One-to-one correspondence- teaches the child that each button is “1”.

Addition- all of the numbers rolled “add” up to the total number (you can also use 2 dice and add the numbers together on each turn.

Subtraction- start with the counting grid full of pumpkins. With each roll “subtract” that number of pumpkins from the grid.

This pumpkin STEM activity might not look like much, but it is an amazing way to explore so many early learning concepts.

Plus, it’s just plain fun and it keeps the kids engaged from start to finish.

Pumpkin STEM Goals

Preschoolers will be able to use this invitation to explore science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in age appropriate ways.

Here are some of the concepts it covers:

  • Counting
  • Number identification
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Planning and building structures with unusual materials
  • Using technology in a simple project

Observing and interacting with your students during this pumpkin math project will be very eye-opening!

You’ll be able to observe what each child understands about each of the above topics. You might even be a little surprised by some of your students’ awesome observations.


Materials Needed for the Pumpkin Math and Engineering Activity

You don’t need very much to get this pumpkin STEM activity started:
Play dough

Magnetic numbers

Cell phone or camera

Pumpkin Math and Engineering Directions

To being, have each of your kids choose a magnetic number, Talk with them about the number they chose.

Next, the children can count out the appropriate number of pumpkin candies, based upon their magnetic numbers.

Then let the children create their pumpkin structures!

Virtual Circle Time with Miss Wendy 10:00-11:00

Calendar, weather, alphabet, days of the week

Days of the week song

Days of the Week (tune of the Adam’s Family):
Days of the week(clap clap)
Days of the week
Days of the week
Days of the week (Clap Clap)
There’s Sunday and there’s Monday
there’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday
There’s Thursday and there’s Friday
And then comes Saturday!

  • [Five] little leaves, so happy and free,
  • Hung from a branch of a maple tree.
  • The wind came whistling all around,
  •  And one little leaf came tumbling down

Let color our leaves (in bag)

Craft: Fall tree Decorating with sand

Virtual Story Time with Miss Wendy 10:00-11:00

10 Apples Up On Top

10 Apples Up On Top Craft

Way up High in the Apple Tree

Way up high in the apple tree,

Point up high

Five red apples looked at me.

Hold up five fingers

I shook that tree as hard as I could,

Pretend to shake the tree with both hands

Down came an apple,

Wiggle fingers down from the air

Mmmm, it was good.

Rub tummy!

Repeat with four, three, two, and one apple “smiled at me.”

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